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High Pressure Air Hose Burst on Exploration Drill Rig

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A high-pressure air hose burst on a surface exploration drill rig while the driller was attempting to clear a blockage in the hose. The burst hose propelled the sample collection cyclone towards the driller who was operating the drill rig. The cyclone struck the driller with force. The driller sustained severe bruising to his body and back and could have been seriously injured or killed.


1. The hose had a 90-degree bend in it just before it entered the cyclone inlet. The hose burst in this area resulting in an 80-cm tear in the hose. Generally these areas on hoses have high wear rates. 2. The cyclone was tied to the drill rig by a piece of rope that broke during the incident.


1. A risk assessment should be conducted to develop a risk management strategy for all drilling activities that are conducted with the use of high-pressure air or water. Risk assessments should consider controls to prevent high-pressure hoses and associated equipment moving in an uncontrolled manner following a failure in a high-pressure hose or pipe...


NSW Department of Primary Industries

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NSW Department of Primary Industries


17 Mar 2004

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