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Injury from High Pressure Fluid Injection

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A production employee received an injury to his right hand from a small high-pressure jet coming from a leaking hose.


The leaking hose at the bottom of the drill rig was difficult to visually identify with the plastic protection coil on. Operating alone, the employee could only identify the hose by feeling around the hoses coming from the valve block and operating the rotational valve for the rig to get oil to flow. The small jet of high-pressure oil was sufficient to penetrate the rubber glove and enter the joint.


Mines operating equipment with high pressure hydraulics should: Ensure all employees working with or around equipment with high-pressure hydraulic systems are fully aware of the dangers of fluid injection entering the body and the damage it can cause; Develop an emergency response procedure for dealing with high-pressure fluid injection. . . .


NSW Department of Primary Industries

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NSW Department of Primary Industries


NSW Department of Primary Industries


3 Aug 2004

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